HighMoon is a game similar to "Artillery" or "Worms" -- but it takes place in the universe. There is a planet system between two flying saucers. The gravitational fields of the planets and moons change inevitably each ballistic curve. It is not easy to eliminate an enemy. If you miss it, the shoots can change their direction and become dangerous to the attacker.

HighMoon can be played against a computer or a human opponent in many planet systems.

HighMoon ist licensed under the GNU General Public Licence

  • 2006 March 25 HighMoon v1.2.4 - Added Support for Netherland Language (Thanks to L. Scheelings).
  • 2005 July 27 HighMoon v1.2.3 - Added Support for Italian Language (Thanks to Elio Blanka).
  • 2005 March 19 HighMoon v1.2.2 - Fixed Segfault-Bug in Language support.
  • 2005 March 11 HighMoon v1.2.1 - Fixed Bug in Language support, Redeclared Blackholes as Storms. Now they reject Shots. Changed Constants for better Gameplay.
  • 2005 February 19 HighMoon v1.2 - Added Extras to buy Shield-Power or new Weapons: Added Heavy, Cluster and Exploding Shots. Auto-detecting and setting prefered Language. Window-Icon will be shown again. Added Spanish and Russian Language. Disabled Galaxy-Warp while shooting.
Demo on TitlescreenFiring a ClusterPlaying the Gamedownload